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Thank you to the anonymous man

February 14, 2014 

Dear Editor,

A stranger helped out a soldier and his wife recently. With the heavy winter snow that has attacked our city many of us are not cautious of the wintry conditions that can wind you up in a lot of trouble. Yesterday my daughter was on her way to my house being driven by her husband. They were trying to turn around because they turned down the wrong street and became stuck on an embankment on the side of Lee's Summit United Methodist Church.

The police stopped by and were unable to assist them. They suggested a tow truck. My daughter called me and she was in tears she had no money for a tow truck. As I arrived to assist her to foot the tow bill an anonymous man in a black Chevy truck plated "KC ATTAK" asked if they needed help, in which he helped pull the car out. My daughter tried to monetarily pay the man since she would have had to have her vehicle towed out anyway. The man refused and left on his way. Please send a special thanks to the anonymous man who helped my daughter.

Kelela Kiyono

Lee’s Summit

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