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Wright’s book corrupt and bigoted

February 26, 2014 

Dear Editor,

Concerning Lawrence Wright’s book, as described in the article, “The year’s 10 most intriguing books,” published in the Journal Dec. 27, 2013: Wright’s book is so ludicrous it belongs in a supermarket tabloid. The book is an error-filled, unsubstantiated, bigoted anti-Scientology book. The Church has produced a white paper identifying the more than 200 errors so far discovered in Wright’s book. See,

To illustrate the degree to which the book is rife with falsehoods, British and Canadian publishers chose not to print Wright’s book, which speaks volumes about their confidence in its facts and allegations. Wright ignored the real story of Scientology in favor of stale allegations and ever-changing bizarre tales invented by a handful of confessed liars.

If objectivity and truth are the hallmark of an ethical journalist, then the only words to describe Lawrence Wright are corrupt and bigoted. A self-described atheist, Wright apparently feels that Scientologists have no rights to express their religious beliefs. In a letter of Oct. 14, 2011, a full 15 months before publication, the church offered full cooperation to answer any questions so as to provide all information Wright would need to accurately represent the religion, the Church, its leadership and Founder. The church repeated this request fifteen times, as many of the letters went entirely unanswered while others resulted in only about a dozen fact-checks consisting of obscure or mundane subjects out of context. As a result, Wright produced a travesty of falsehoods.

Millions of Scientologists around the world embrace the religion. Since Lawrence Wright began his “research,” 30 new Churches of Scientology, known as Ideal Organizations, opened across the world - twelve in 2012 alone - and our humanitarian programs are bringing help to thousands of people from all walks of life on a daily basis.

To find out the true story of Scientology and its Founder, one can visit,, or one can read Mr. Hubbard's books, which are available worldwide.

Ellen Maher-Forney

St. Louis

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