Character counts…Honesty Essay

February 27, 2014 

“Honesty is the best policy.” How many times do we hear this when we are growing up?

It seems like a continual lesson we’re always being taught. Our parents encourage us to be honest. Our teachers instruct us to tell the truth. Our friends want us to be honest with them. Our religions implore us to be truthful. As a girl born with the middle name of Justice, this is something that has always been expected of me.

To me, honesty dwells deep inside us from our experiences. Honesty is something that puts together your personality and reputation. No matter who you are, honesty is something that you should apply to your daily life in order to lead yourself and others in the right direction.

I “Googled” the word honesty and found it defined as “acting with integrity, truthfulness, and sincerity.” Honesty is the foundation of any relationship. Without honesty, there really isn’t a relationship at all.

It would be nice if everyone was honest. Can you imagine a world where honesty was practiced by everyone? From George Washington to “Honest” Abe to the homeless man who returned a wallet full of cash to the rightful owner, these people are admired, as they should be. Honesty, however, can be tricky because some people are punished or imprisoned for their honesty. This is difficult to understand.

Is honesty always the best policy? Some people tend to fudge on their age. Others think that little white lies are acceptable. When these become the norm, it is easier to tell larger lies. Still others don’t want to hear the truth because sometimes the truth hurts.

No matter the situation, the key is always being truthful with grace. We need to explain those difficult truths in a positive, constructive way in order to spare the feelings of others. To be an honest person, you have to understand the thoughts behind your speech and the effects it might have.

Some people say what they think others want to hear or say things to make them look better. You have to know that if you are honest, people should respect you.

Honestly, in my world, honesty is the best policy.

Maryn is a 7th grade student at Summit Lakes Middle School.

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