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Lee's Summit JournalMarch 14, 2014 

Research allows us to study values, motivations and lifestyles by examining and understanding patterns within our target population.

By carefully watching the shifts in consumer attitudes over time, we can anticipate and forecast, and therefore get out in front of changes in audience behavior. This gives us a unique knowledge of what really matters to people in their daily lives. Understanding their hopes, aspirations, concerns, attitudes and motivational levers is essential because tomorrow’s community growth demands smarter foresight-led thinking today.

We start by looking at the facts that emerge out of our research findings. In essence these facts represent the relevant issues we need to fully understand in order to develop and implement strategies that effectively communicate the defining and distinctive characteristics of our community.

Fact No. 1: As the proportion of crimes throughout the United States, and the world is increasing day by day, people feel more insecure in society. When there is more crime, violence and uncertainty, safety and security become a priority.

Fact No. 2 : When everyone in a community shares a common vision it fosters a unified and cooperative spirit.

Fact No. 3: Consumers and businesses today are craving control in this environment of uncertainty.

Fact No. 4: By nature, we are forward-looking folks, eyes on the future, hearts full of possibilities.

Fact. No. 5: In the increasingly artificial, commercial and technologically driven world we live in, there is a rising desire and attraction to discover all things real and” authentic.

Next, in order to craft a relevant communications platform, we need to focus on three emotional levers: What is true (a statement of fact), what is meaningful (to our primary target audience) and what makes us distinctive within the category.

A.) What we know to be true?

Today, more than ever, consumers and businesses are working hard at making the best of a bad situation, as they try to exist on a steady diet of hedged hopes and constrained optimism.

B.) What is meaningful?

Americans today, and in particular mid-westerners, are by nature, forward-looking folks, with eyes on the future, and their hearts full of possibilities.

C.) What is distinctive?

Lee’s Summit is the place where real people come together every day to help make life just a little bit better for everyone in the community.

Now we bring all the facts about Lee’s Summit to life in a consistent relevant statement of promise. For individuals and businesses looking for the serenity and security of a small town, Lee’s Summit is the place where history converges with vision and energy to create a smart, friendly business environment that energizes relationships and hold the promise of a community where anything is possible.

There’s no place quite like Lee’s Summit. We are indeed a safe and secure community populated with real people with shared, uncompromising values and respect one another. A community driven by a renewed sense of pride and involvement that provides solutions when it comes to healthcare, economic development/redevelopment, education, cultural arts, recreation, city government, safety or community services.

So while the world around us has changes in leaps and bounds, we still hold on to the promise of being a special kind of place where anything is possible.

Yours Truly,


James McKenna is the branding manager for the City of Lee’s Summit. Reach him at

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