Lee’s Summit company goes ‘beyond the call of duty’ for loyal customer

tporter@lsjournal.comMarch 14, 2014 

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    Number of years it took Door Systems of Lee’s Summit to find a replacement part for Dave Harold, a longtime customer. Harold said the business went ‘beyond the call of duty’ to find the part.

Dave Harold was impressed beyond measure at the quality of service he received from a local company.

Harold, a Lee’s Summit resident, received a package and a letter from Lee’s Summit-based Door Systems that read: “A couple of years ago when our service tech was out one of your light covers was broken. We have been looking for one for two years now and have two enclosed. I hope this helps fix your cover. Please keep both and use them as you need. New ones are no longer available.”

The letter was signed by Door Systems’ Jim Payne, the former owner who is now an “employee” after his wife took over the business a few years ago.

Regardless of the owner, Harold was touched by the commitment to help him replace a lighting fixture atop his garage opener after the original one, now obsolete and out of stock, was accidentally damaged during a repair.

“(Payne) said, ‘we’ll find you one, but it may take a little while.’” Harold said recently as he recounted the origin of the story. “A year went by and one of their service technicians came and knocked on the door and said, ‘Mr. Harold, I just want to let you know, we haven’t forgot you.’

“Number one, you can’t find a new one because it’s too old, so they were going to have to find one that they were taking in on trade. After a year, they came by, which amazed me then. After the guy left, I thought, ‘yeah, right.’ I took duct tape and taped mine back together. After a year I was really surprised they took the time to stop by. You saw the memo they sent me, and that’s two years later … that whole thing of customer service is what that business is all about. Not many businesses will come a year later and say we haven’t forgotten about you, we’re still looking.”

Payne said with so much competition in and around the Lee’s Summit area – and the metropolitan area as well – something has to stick out in order for Door Systems to compete and stay afloat. The company has been around since 1970. Gail Rockwell started the company and ran it with his son Ron until 1992 when Payne and his wife Pat purchased the company. They offer services in commercial and residential garage doors, entry doors, and home and patio doors as well. They also provide new door products for homeowners.

The company’s calling card, Payne said, is quality customer service.

“We just kept our eyes opened and we were able to get not one but two of them,” he said. “Basically, I think what sets us apart from many companies is – they only thing we have to offer is service. If there are three companies out there doing the same work that we are doing and they’re all beating each other up with prices and things like that, the only thing that I have to offer is better service.

“We pride ourselves on the fact that the customer is important. Every customer regardless if it’s a small job or a large job, we will do everything we can to please them.”

A statement Harold can attest to.

“I think that Jim and all of his technicians have gone way beyond the call of duty sort to speak,” Harold said. “Not many companies will follow up after a year and then after another year they follow up to tell you that they have found you one. That’s how they operate and how they operate their business.”

For more information on Door Systems call 816-524-8535.

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