Moving time

Lee's Summit JournalMarch 19, 2014 

Our house sold and this past weekend we moved into our new, maintenance provided home. We should have done these three years ago.

The house is half the size of our previous home, but I don’t miss any of it. So much easier to clean. By the end of the weekend, most of the art had been hung and we sat and enjoyed our new home, thanks to the many friends that came over and helped us unpack and hang. We both have such a sense of peace and comfort in our new home. Exactly what I was looking for. 

Two weeks ago wouldn’t have been a good time to move. Don was on his first full dose of “maintenance” chemo. He does five days of chemo each month with 25 days off in between. But this chemo was awful. It started causing issues very quickly and he didn’t do well with it at all. Sick for three of the five days. It really took a toll on his body. He wasn’t able to eat for three days and it took another week to just get his strength back. Unfortunately, it gave me a glimpse into my future.

What can I do? I felt so completely helpless. All I could do was keep him comfortable. Chemo sucks and it takes all your energy. And you can’t do anything to gain more. No amount of sleep, or working out will give you more energy. It is a double-edged sword.

He has to take it to keep his tumors at bay, but on the other hand it is pure poison. It wreaks complete havoc on his body and mind. The other medicines he has to take with the chemo aren’t really much better. The list of possible side-effects is almost worse than the help the drug can possibly give you.

And because each person is different, the doctors have to play a type of Russian Roulette with you as they go down the list to see if the next drug might help or hinder. It is a frustrating process. I can tell from the way the doctors talk to Don that they are just as frustrated. There is no magic potion or perfect combination. It is just trial and error.  I hope and pray that this next round, starting the first week of the month, will go much easier.

Don’s next MRI is next week. We approach it with apprehension, as we know that one of these appointments will herald the return of the tumor. Will it be this time? It is hard to not worry and fret, but we know that does us no good. All we can do is ask God to help us make the best of the time we have together.


Jet Pabst is the owner of A Thyme for Everything is located in Downtown Lee’s Summit at 229B SE Main Street.

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