Marketing delivers 300 percent return of investment

Lee's Summit JournalMarch 26, 2014 

Coming from the private sector, I’m always striving to deliver the best possible results for our city’s marketing dollars investment. All our media recommendations are built on a foundation of research regarding the media  consumption patterns of the audience our  private sector partners are targeting.This allows us to focus our budget on the most efficient and effective types of media, that will touch our audience at the right time with the right message.


Our marketing investment philosophy is pretty straight-forward.

1.  We’re money managers and we realize that it’s real dollars behind our budget numbers.

2.  We realize that the answer is not always price alone. It’s about reaching the right audience at the right time at the right price.

3.  We need to maintain what we have built. We continually enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our communication’s platform based on updated media research.

By analyzing media usage habits, we gain invaluable knowledge of how consumers interact with various media vehicles. As media options evolve, it becomes increasingly important to understand how different target audience segments interact with media in their everyday lives.


So here is the story behind the real marketing dollars and just how we were able to deliver a stunning 300 percent plus return on our marketing investment  to date using a private sector mindset.

1. On July 1, 2013 we started with approximately $70,000 (through February) for the expressed purpose of attracting and retaining, visitors, investors and businesses to Lee’s Summit. In addition our messaging needed to help stop the “leakage” which occurs when residents and businesses spend their money outside our community.

2. Almost immediately the City’s private sector joined ranks with our efforts, investing an additional $92,000 (in private funds) to be part of our City’s overall marketing program. We now had $162,000 in our City Marketing war-chest.

3. We sat down with various media partners (TV, radio, newspaper, magazine) to negotiate and leverage our war chest in order to maximize our “media buying clout.” When all was said and done, the city was the recipient of $65,000 of no-charge, bonus, value added and preferred position free media.

4. So our starting $70,000 media investment had now climbed to $227,000 in marketing and media support dollars to reach out and promote our city.

5. Our $227,000 marketing/advertising budget reflects a 300 percent plus return on our original $70,000 marketing investment.


Rest assured, we’re committed to helping our city get the most bang for their precious marketing dollars, in order to remain accountable for making good things happen for the City of Lee’s Summit.

Yours truly,


James McKenna is the branding manager for the City of Lee’s Summit. Reach him at

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