Vote yes on the no-tax-increase bond issue

Lee's Summit JournalMarch 28, 2014 

Having served the last eight years as a city council member, elected by the people, I have learned a core value of the people. Any time we, the elected members of council, put a “no-tax increase bond issue” on the ballot it must warrant respect for the taxpayers’ dollars and how we utilize it.

On April 8, voters in Lee’s Summit will be asked to consider a $10-million no-tax increase general obligation bond improvement project. The bond project is to address redevelopment to the interchange at U.S. Highway 50 and Missouri 291 South. The existing interchange consists of a four-lane bridge that crosses over U.S. Highway 50, connecting Jefferson Street to the north with 291 (M-291 South) to the south, as well as the outer roads, Blue Parkway and Oldham Parkway.

This is for a very much needed reconstruction and design of the bridge at 291 South and Highway 50. I am sure we have all sat in the traffic at those lights and watched many school buses, trash trucks semis, and vehicles try to make all those lights and turns.

Many of us have seen children walking across the bridge from the aquatic park and Lee’s Summit High School trying to get home to the residential areas south of Highway 50. We also cannot forget that Pleasant Lea Elementary and Pleasant Lea Middle schools are south of 50 and at certain time of day the traffic increases tremendously. So, having the pedestrian/bike crossing will be an especially important improvement.

I feel there is a great need for this city and for the future economic growth of our beloved town, to move forward in partner with MODot to complete these much needed improvements. We cannot sustain economic growth in this area until these changes are made. That is why we have empty buildings setting on both sides. Without the needed improvement there, business will not want to locate, due to the intense traffic congestion.

As April 8 approaches and I reach the end of my second, four-year term in office, I must leave with the feeling I have done as much as I could for those who have always backed me, or did not.

I must also say this is one of the most important road projects, we as City Council, have ever put on the ballot for vote. So I ask that all of my fellow citizens go out to vote yes on this no-tax increase bond issue.

Also, vote to fill the three empty seats on City Council. It is important for you to get to know those who are running in districts 1, 2 and 3. Then you can make an informed decision as to who will be your best leaders for the next four years.

I would like to thank all of you for the time you have allowed me to serve in this office. I now leave you to go vote on these very important issues for your future and the future of Lee’s Summit.


Kathy Hofmann has served the Lee's Summit City Council in District 1 since 2006.

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