40 years ago

March 28, 2014 

March 1974

High postal rates have become effective. First class mail is going to 10 cents. Postal cards will now cost 8 cents to mail.

The new maximum speed limit for the state has become effective. Every speed sign on the state highway system that had read 70, 65 or 60 will now read 55. Reflective plastic overlays that can be affixed to signs while the signs remain attached to their posts along the highway make the rapid switch possible.

The Director of the Missouri Division of Highway Safety reminded motorist that they should be very careful when taking advantage of the new “Right Turn on Red” traffic law.

Judy Magee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Magee of Greenwood has been chosen BPW Girl of the Month. She is on the senior high Principal’s Honor Roll, Student Government President and member of the National Honor Society. She belongs to the Christian Church and is employed as a secretary at John Knox Village.

– Compiled from the files of the Journal by Jim Carpenter.

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