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Love over hate

April 23, 2014 

Dear Editor,

Yesterday I attended the funeral of my husband’s first cousin Terri LaManno whose life was taken senselessly at a shooting at Village Shalom. In her life, Terri reflected the power of Love and understanding everyday. She was a devout Catholic forever sharing her beliefs not through words but through her caring actions especially through her work at the Center for Visually Impaired with these precious children. During the wake and funeral hundreds of people came to show their support and respect for the life of this amazing woman and her family. In addition to family and friends members of the Reat Underwood and Corporon family were in attendance. My husband’s family displayed the power of fath and love. They shared only the joys of Terri’s life and while they recognized that anger was part of the grieving process,they still talked about forgiveness. The family stated: “Knowing Terri, she has already forgiven him.”

The news has been filled with the outpouring of love from this community. The Interfaith service made the news. News media were at the wake and the funeral, the Interfaith Service, Blue Valley School district, the statements of Mindy Corporon and the children of Terri and Jim LaManno and more. The story is all over Face Book and the television stations as well as in the newspaper. This is the power.

Today is the funeral of Reat Underwood and Dr. William Corporon. Without a doubt news correspondents will be there. This is not a criticism.

This story needs to be told over and over again. This community needs to keep this story going through actions which show the triumph of Love over Hate. Speak out against intolerance. Make an effort to venture outside of your social circles. Donate to the charities requested by the victims families.

Pay the victims and their families actions of love and forgiveness forward. Let a greater good rise from this tragedy and let this community unite in the power of Love.

Susan Coffman,

Lee’s Summit

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