Pronunciation errors (a.k.a. how my kid talks)

April 30, 2014 

I catch myself wanting to correct my daughter Addy all the time.

OK, honestly, I catch myself actually correcting her. On some things.

“Dada, what she name?” is quickly pounced on, as I remind her, “Addy, say ‘Dada, what is her name?’”

While a bit exacerbated, Addy will repeat the phrase before I answer her.

We replay this verbal volleyball throughout the day, especially now that she is particularly inquisitive.

“Who dat?” is still my favorite. I almost don’t even correct her on that one.

I ask her to say “yes” instead of “yeah.” And some times, she actually does it.

Kids seem to just be missing a few key words like “the” and “is.” Addy will often give me a “he” or “she” instead of a “him” or “her.”

I cannot say I blame her, though.

At 3 years old, there is probably a chorus of nursery rhymes running through her head as she thinks about leftover Easter candy and daydreaming of the Bubble Guppies.

What a life.

While phrases are easy to pick apart, I have largely left alone individual words.

Take, for example, “bitamin.”

I mean, really, it’s the cutest darn thing in the world when she asks for a “bitamin” in the morning. This week, I did correct her, once. It didn’t stick and I probably won’t do it again.

“Music” for some reason has a “g” sound in it – “mugic.” Which is, again, endurably adorable.

Other objects, living or otherwise, take on a whole new annunciation with my kiddo – everything from a caterpillar to butterflies to the mailbox.

A fun game, when I choose to play it, is to ask Addy to repeat the word over and over. When she’s had enough she will let me know it.

I do practice what I have heard termed as “sight words” with Addy and she really does impress me with what she knows.

Now I am not going to go so far as to tell you the kid that picks her nose and tries to jump off the couch onto the hardwood floors is going to be a genius. But I am pretty impressed with what she pays attention to and picks up on.

Sooner or later, though, we will be on to technology and the fun word games may be over.

The kid already picks up my phone and knows how to go to YouTube.

I’m gonna have to put this thing on lockdown at some point.

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