LS R-7 staff members' story demonstrates the strength of family and the power of love

May 14, 2014 

For Chris Eisenmenger and her daughter, Lacey Rozycki, reaching out to others is an important part of everyday life within this close-knit family.

Eisenmenger is an administrative assistant at the Stansberry Leadership Center, and Rozycki teaches special education at Summit Pointe Elementary. Their nearly three-year journey demonstrates the strength of family and the power of love.

“The story began when John and I started fostering babies in 2006,” said Eisenmenger. Her husband, John Eisenmenger, is a retired R-7 elementary principal, and the couple has been active in the community for many years. In all, the Eisenmengers cared for 13 foster children over the next six years.

Madelyn, known as Maddie, went to live with the Eisenmenger family in April 2010 at just 6 months of age. She immediately captured the Eisenmengers’ hearts with her bright-eyed, toothless smile, also touching Rozycki and her husband, Joe, in a special way.

Initially, Maddie was not eligible for adoption, but after finding out that the goal changed for the little girl, Maddie went to live with the Rozycki family in June 2011 as the couple began the lengthy process required to begin doing foster care and started her adoption journey. Approximately 17 months after moving in with the Rozyckis, Maddie was officially adopted by the couple. With her adoption, Maddie became the couple’s daughter and the Eisenmengers’ granddaughter.

“Sometimes when you offer your services to others, it can be a life-changing event,” Mrs. Eisenmenger said. “This one is a true gift from God, and our family will never be the same.”

Since officially adopting Maddie, the Rozyckis have welcomed a second daughter to their family – Alayna, born during September 2013.

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