Father arrested in shooting no stranger to criminal justice system

Kansas City StarMay 14, 2014 

An alcohol-fueled, late night confrontation between father and son that ended in gunfire was the result of a simmering feud between the two over the father’s insistence that his offspring move out of the house they shared.

According to a probable cause statement released by the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, Chad Beatie of Lee’s Summit told Lee’s Summit Police detectives that he shot his son in the early morning hours of May 9 after a “play” fight turned aggressive and led to an actual physical confrontation.

Beatie, 40, sits in Jackson County Jail on a $250,000 cash-only bail after being charged in Jackson County Circuit Court with one count each of first degree domestic assault and armed criminal action. Beatie has run afoul of the law before, but nothing to the extent of the charges he now faces.

According to court records in the shooting case, witnesses that included the respective girlfriends of each man said the victim – Tyler Beatie – and Beatie had been drinking for at least four hours prior to the incident. One of the witnesses stated that the pair were working on a motorcycle in their garage in the 1700 block of N.E. Ridgeview Drive when they instructed Tyler Beatie’s girlfriend to go to the basement of the home close to 2 a.m.

Tyler Beatie’s girlfriend, who stated in court documents that the elder Beatie and his son do not get along and have fought several times in the past, then heard the victim say a short while later that he had been shot.

Another witness, Chad Beatie’s girlfriend, said she saw Beatie and his son in a physical fight on the floor of the garage. At one point, the witness stated, Tyler Beatie had his father in a headlock.

Later, the woman was awakened by a gunshot and saw Chad Beatie standing in the garage with a handgun.

Chad Beatie’s girlfriend told detectives that the elder Beatie had filed paperwork nearly a year ago to have his son evicted from the premises. Prior to the altercation that led to the shooting, Chad Beatie allegedly showed Tyler Beatie the notarized paperwork which Tyler Beatie ripped up.

The shredding of the paperwork led to a series of “play” fights between the two before Chad Beatie allegedly turned aggressive and punched his son in the head. Tyler Beatie later told detectives that he punched his father in return and the altercation tuned even more physical.

According to court records, Tyler Beatie told detectives he “whopped his dad’s (behind).”

The younger Beatie stated his father left the garage after the fight only to return with a .45 caliber handgun, eventually shooting his son in the stomach.

Chad Beatie surrendered to police without incident and later told investigators that he shot his son only after Tyler Beatie approached him in a threatening manner. Chad Beatie added he only wanted to scare his son and aimed at his leg before accidentally shooting him in the stomach.

Lee’s Summit Police secured a search warrant for the residence and recovered what is believe to be the weapon used in the attack, a single shell casing, and other ammunition.

According to Lee’s Summit Police Sgt. Chris Depue, Tyler Beatie is expected to recover.

Chad Beatie’s brush with the law is just the latest in a string of incidents since the 1990s. According to online records via Case.net, Beatie has faced charges ranging from minor traffic violations to adult abuse without stalking accusations to failure to submit to a breathalyzer test.

Beatie has faced the latter charge three times since 1995 and in each instance he was arrested, had his driving privilege temporarily revoked and subsequently had his right to drive reinstated without jail time or fines after being cleared by a trial judge.


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