Local artist wins national prize 

May 28, 2014 

Professional artist Tina Garrett announced that her work, “Gaze” 20x24 oil on linen won first place in the Oil Painters of America 2014 Spring Online Showcase.

Tina Garrett’s oil painting “Gaze” is the third piece in her New Orleans inspired series. The second painting in this series to be awarded this year, “Gaze,” depicting the street artists of the French Quarter, won a $3,000.00 first place prize through the national art competition sponsored by the Oil Painters of America, a not-for-profit organization representing more than 4,000 artists throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. There were over 700 member artists who competed in this event which is held three times annually.

Oil Painters of America Judge, Tim Deibler announced, “This work caught my attention the first moment I saw it on the monitor. The expression “one in a million” kind of describes my feelings for this piece. The artist’s skill in portraying this rather unusual subject is nothing short of masterful. This has been painted as the eye would see it rather than how a camera would see it. The most intense color and sharpest details are on the face. The more you move from this area the less obvious things become. The accuracy and delicacy of the floral pattern is still distinct, but does not compete with the face or the frame. The background has totally gone out of focus making the figure even more dimensional giving it the feeling of existing in real space. The drawing is impeccable, the edges amazing and the color harmonies are beautiful.” Deibler later wrote, “Tina, I just wanted to personally congratulate you on your marvelous piece. I was monitoring the entries from the time OPA invited me to be the judge. Once I saw your piece it became the standard I used to critique all the others. It was constantly on my mind. There are many great paintings in the show, but your drawing, color harmonies, edges, the uniqueness of the image, everything about it made it the most memorable painting of the entire show. I am honored to have had the opportunity to become more familiar with your amazing work. Congratulations once again.”

Tina Garrett lives, creates her art and gives workshops and private lessons as well as hosts nationally known artists workshops in her studio space, Atelier Underground, in downtown Lee’s Summit in the historic neighborhood where she and her husband and two children reside. Regarding this national recognition Garrett stated “Thank you Oil Painters of America and Tim Deibler for including my work, ‘Gaze’ in the group of remarkable pieces selected for the OPA Spring 2014 Online Showcase. Congratulations Robert Christian Hemme, Nancy Boren and all the other truly amazing artists. You have given me something priceless, confidence in my work, validation and encouragement that I am on the right track in pushing myself and my work to my own next level. I am so grateful. You’ve truly lifted me up.” Garett said.

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