A day in the life

Lee's Summit JournalMay 28, 2014 

What will life in Lee’s Summit be like for you on May 30?

We would like to know.

Whether you are self employed, a stay-at-home parent, work at city hall (council excluded, we get enough of that madness in the newspaper) or do one of a seemingly endless number of daily functions in Lee’s Summit, we are anxious to document what a “day in the life” will be like in town this week.

On that day, our news team will disperse to hospitals, banks, restaurants, recreational venues and a host of other spots around town to document and capture a mere snapshot of what life is like in Lee’s Summit.

People working, playing, living. All the things that happen around us that make Lee’s Summit livable, desirable, attractive to residents and pleasing to those visiting and using goods made and sold here.

Every day in Lee’s Summit, people hit our parks and recreation system, they go bowling, they visit one of our many healthcare providers, eat out and use city services. Some stay in town to work; many travel outside of Lee’s Summit to make a living.

What makes May 30 particularly special? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything.

We will be capturing that day in print in a future edition of the Journal and we hope you will come along for the ride.

And feel free to share with us your day in Lee’s Summit on May 30.

* Before we get to May 30, however, we can’t let today pass us by … it is National Hamburger Day.

We celebrated at the Journal last week by bringing in six community judges and sacks full of juicy hamburgers to try out.

We didn’t necessarily pit one burger against another – each had redeeming qualities and were, of course, delicious hamburgers.

We did want our judges to tell us what they liked about each and have some fun with an otherwise nonsensical holiday, albeit one that we feel properly kicks off the summer season.

A big thanks to Sheila and Bruce Clark, Laura and Bryon Banhart, Julie Doane and Cheryl Nash for giving up part of their afternoon to sample a room full of hamburgers.

If you don’t have dinner plans yet, grab a burger today. Or fire up the grill make it the way you like it. For me…bacon, blue cheese and pretty rare will do.



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