Lee’s Summit Police working with Greenwood to determine if ‘stranger danger’ incidents are connected

June 4, 2014 

Lee’s Summit Police are working with Greenwood Police to see if a possible stranger danger incident in Lee’s Summit three weeks ago is connected to a similar recent incident in Greenwood.

According to Lee’s Summit Police Sgt. Chris Depue, the Lee’s Summit Police Department is actively working with the Greenwood Police Department to determine if the two reports are related.

The incident in Greenwood occurred May 29 and the incident in Lee’s Summit was approximately three weeks ago. The common factor in both incidents Depue said is a red, Dodge Caravan mini-van. The van was reported to have the words “1st Year Anniversary” written on the back window in pink glass chalk.

Greenwood Police Lt. Aaron Fordham said June 3 that Greenwood Police were being bombarded with tips after a juvenile reported a stranger danger incident May 29.

Fordham said a male described as white with a slim build in his 40s or 50s approached a juvenile around 2 p.m. May 29 in the 1400 block of Spruce near 16th Avenue and asked the juvenile if they would help him find his dog.

The juvenile, who didn’t recognize the man, immediately became suspicious of the request. The man was said to be driving an older model, dull brick-red minivan with possible Kansas license plates. The minivan has rust around the driver’s side wheel well, possible front-end damage and “1st Year Anniversary” written in pink window chalk on its back window.

Fordham said the suspect male has dark hair, a goatee and possible skin defects near the cheek area where his complexion is kind of dry and flaky. He added the department has received numerous tips from the public regarding the incident and advised anyone with information about the man or his vehicle to contact Greenwood Police at 816-537-5020 or the metro-area TIPS hotline at 816-474-TIPS.

Meanwhile in Lee’s Summit, Depue said at this time Lee’s Summit Police are working with police in Greenwood checking leads to determine man’s intent. Depue added the department encourages residents to report any suspicious vehicles to their dispatch center via 911 or to offer information to the LSPD’s TIPS hotline at 816-969-1752.

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