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June 6, 2014 

June 2004

Longview Farm is the gift that keeps giving. Created in about 1916 by lumber baron R.A. Long, the farm in western Lee’s Summit was a massive self-sustained community, pieces of which exist today as historical treasures in the eyes of many members of the Lee’s Summit community.

David Gale, president of Gale Communities, is working to preserve and reuse the historic barns, farm offices, pergola and Longview Mansion with the mixed use New Longview project.

Gale successfully worked with the R-7 School District to have the Show Horse Arena converted into an elementary school. A recent tour of the Show Horse Arena has turned up a new treasure – a least in the eyes of the horse and carriage community. Taking members of the Longview Horse Park Association through the hayloft of the arena, Gale said that one of the members of the tour noticed a fine harness cart tucked away and preserved in layers of dirt and grime. Craig Walter, member of the association and president of the Carriage and Driving Society of Greater Kansas City, said he and members of his group believe this small cart belonged to Loula Long Combs, daughter of R.A. Long. Loula had been dubbed Queen of the Americas Royal and was the first woman inducted into the horse showperson Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden in New York City for her horse driving showmanship.

–Compiled from the files of the Journal by Jim Carpenter.

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