Weekend warriors

Lee's Summit JournalJune 11, 2014 

I am, of course, talking about our dedicated Downtown Lee’s Summit Main Street volunteers. The ones that prove pivotal to help get us through the weekend we just had, Downtown Days.

The regulars, the newcomers, folks from our Chamber of Commerce and city hall – it takes a lot of hands, brains and time to pull off the biggest festival each year in Lee’s Summit.

City Councilmen Rob Binney and Trish Carlyle get a shout out for their help over the weekend on the all-important Sunday “clean up” duty. This crew is critical to doing something that seems impossible on Saturday night – making downtown Lee’s Summit look like nothing happened by Monday morning.

City Manager Steve Arbo was back in the volunteer role, too, doing his part for his downtown, along with Mayor Randy Rhoads and wife Mary Ann, and former DLSMS assistant director Sarah Shore.

The amount of time and effort that goes in to an event of this magnitude doesn’t happen over the course of just a few days or weeks prior to that event, of course.

Months and months of preparation by the DLSMS staff and a knack for putting plans in place and staying organized is critical as well.

One piece we will miss is exiting board member Brad Culberton, who handles so much for the annual celebration.

Culbertson’s term is up on the board and he will be stepping back a bit. His contributions to downtown and the organization are countless and his wisdom and wit will certainly be missed. Although I have a feeling we will still often see him downtown.

Much like Rotary, the Chamber, One Good Meal or other nonprofits around Lee’s Summit, Downtown Lee’s Summit Main Street is always seeking out individuals to fill those vital volunteer roles.

We are fortunate to see the recurring efforts of many volunteers – from downtown neighborhood residents all the way to city hall.

And the great thing about Lee’s Summit is this: no matter where you choose to dedicate your volunteer time, it will never be wasted and always put to good use.


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