Trimming, grooming and ice cream all in a days work

Kansas City StarJune 13, 2014 

Trimmers Barbershop: The epitome of a true melting pot

A steady stream of folks representing every conceivable demographic in Lee’s Summit enters Trimmers Barbershop in hopes of getting their regularly scheduled haircut or touch up.

Barber stations are neatly organized, the waiting area, perfectly kept, features two televisions mounted on the walls with ESPN on the screen; a rite of passage for any barbershop worth their grain of salt.

But Trimmers is not like many barbershops.

There’s no loud smack talk, no profanity-laced tirades, no disrespectful behavior; just a welcoming environment for people from all walks of life. The clientele runs the proverbial gamut of black, white, Hispanic, male and female – a true melting pot of customers descend on the business at 858 S.W. Blue Parkway in the Southside Plaza Shopping Center.

Owner Kent “Supaman” Clark and barbers Reggie, Josh and Chris – barbers are like superstar soccer players where one name fits best – are as diverse as their clients, who include pre-school age children, fresh from the dorm college students, recent wide-eyed high school graduates, working-class men and women on their lunch breaks and even middle-aged females who bring their husbands along as first time customers.

A day in the life at Trimmers was a testament to the power of inclusion within the Lee’s Summit community.


The pet groomer

Cheryl Fields is quick to point out that she has been in the pet grooming business for nearly 30 years.

The owner of Golden Paws Pet Grooming and Spa, Fields worked as a pet groomer in Lee’s Summit for 17 years before spending the last 11 as the head woman in charge. The dogs on her watch are pretty-well behaved. They love the grooming and spa treatment.

The business features four boarding rooms with pet beds and television; a true upscale boarding house for her pet day care and hotel clients.

Grooming assistant Valerie Laddusaw preps the dogs on this day; pre-treating an American Eskimo breed named Cookie as well as a morkie also named Cookie before Fields goes to work with a bath, a shampoo and a trim.

Both Cookies are at home at Golden Paws, spending a day in the life as pet royalty pampered and spoiled.

One can only image how the other 15-20 pets Golden Paws count as clients feel when it’s there turn at bat.

Open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday thru Friday and from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Fields says she rarely has free time. With the aid of Laddusaw and part-time help from Fields’ daughter, Sarah Cochran, Golden Paws, 848 S.W. Blue Parkway, may not be the only pet grooming company in town – Fields says competition is fierce – but the business is the only game in town for their satisfied clients and their owners.


You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream

May 30 was business as usual for Poppy’s Ice Cream and Coffee House owners Teresa Poppinga and Jana Gaffney.

Poppinga was at the business during the early-morning hours churning out the homemade ice cream that has made Poppy’s a favorite retreat for treats in downtown Lee’s Summit, while Gaffney was back on her post as a nurse in the intensive care unit at Saint Luke’s Hospital-East.

Two days prior, both Poppinga and Gaffney spent a day in the life passing out free ice cream goodies to sixth-grade graduate students at Hazel Grove Elementary School. Poppy’s visited the school in its recently refurbished ice cream truck, a truck both Poppinga and Gaffney says will be a boon to their mobile marketing efforts.

Gaffney admits that Poppinga is good at making ice cream while also offering that she hasn’t the slightest idea of how to concoct the goodness. With that in mind, Poppinga says there are no sick days allowed, although the business has enough treats stocked that they would get by if Poppinga was ever out of duty for a day or two.

As for the Hazel Grove students who enjoyed the graduation treats compliments of the school’s PTA, the sheer joy plastered across their face after a taste was proof-positive Poppy’s Ice Cream is a hit in Lee’s Summit.


– Toriano Porter

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