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Lee's Summit JournalJune 27, 2014 

In over five years here at the Journal, I have been privileged to work with some incredible people around Lee’s Summit.

Those working relationships can often turn into friendships.

And, of course, that only makes it tougher when we have to say goodbye to them.

Stacy Needles’ last day with Downtown Lee’s Summit Main Street was June 20.

And while an employee departure may not hit the radar for many, for those that know Stacy and all she did for our downtown, we certainly felt the effects.

Stacy has been with DLSMS for seven years and I know many would say have grown in immeasurable ways as an employee and a person during that time.

I was fortunate enough to meet Stacy early on in my tenure here at the Journal, I think in my first week or so, at a promotions committee meeting.

The person I met then and the person I know now still have a lot of similarities – dedicated, goal-driven, hard working, and, somehow, still as youthful as five years ago.

We applaud Stacy for her years of service, though, not just because she did her job. She went far beyond in many ways. Downtown Days, the Piccadilly Gala, Emerald Isle Parade and many other downtown Lee’s Summit events are the fantastic functions we see today because of Stacy’s planning.

One of Stacy’s biggest supporters, Brad Culbertson, also had a bittersweet send off this week at the DLSMS Annual Dinner.

Brad is one of the original board members when the organization formed in 1989.

His staunch devotion to volunteerism, advocacy and investment in downtown Lee’s Summit is something for the record books.

Brad and his wife Carole are those unique individuals that selflessly give time and humbly shrug off the thanks. They have and will continue to make our downtown world class.

As his term on the board ends, and as Stacy takes the next step in her career, we most certainly remember the people that we’ve met, spent hours of volunteer work with, laughed with and appreciated more than we can say.

Both Brad and Stacy will always be around, of course, volunteering, sharing old stories with downtown merchants and friends and providing that institutional knowledge we will need as we bring up the next set of leaders for our downtown.

A heartfelt thank you to both for making our downtown a place we are all proud of.


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