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Bob Spence, model of character

July 2, 2014 

Dear Editor,

Jackson County Legislator Bob Spence is a model of good character. I have worked along side him in my Rotary group and other altruistic adventures. He is a man of heart and cares about the citizens of Jackson County. He is an advocate of COMBAT whose recent motto is to “Step Up Speak Out, Don’t look the other way.” Bob speaks out and outwardly supports those initiatives that fight crime, violence and drugs.

As a man of good character, he does not work off his own agenda. He looks at Jackson County as a whole and supports the legislation that is for the greater good – for example: to continue road improvements, erosion control and business development.

Bob is a man who believes in his convictions and isn’t afraid to act or speak out. I walked with him in a neighborhood walk area to hand out Step UP Speak Out Don’t look the other way door hangers. We talked with the residents to let them know that they are important to our community and that their concerns should be heard.

I feel fortunate to know Bob and to work with Bob. I support him in is run for Jackson County Legislature. He is a man of his word. To say that I respect this man who has strong positive core values is not enough. He is my friend and I am a better person because I know him.

Susan Coffman,

Lee’s Summit

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