Weekend storm wrecks fireworks tent

rpulley@lsjournal.comJuly 2, 2014 

A thunderstorm blew down the Paws 4 Autism fireworks tent last weekend causing a rush for the non-profit group to reorganize and continue its fundraiser.

Terri Wible, co-founder and CEO, said the morning of June 28 her group at had finished setting up product and getting the stand at 777 NW Blue Parkway inspected by the fire department and open.

A burst of rain and wind at about 1:30 p.m. knocked down a large area of the tent and leaks in other sections, Wible said, ruining about 75 percent of the fireworks.

No one was hurt.

She said the fire department was very helpful with recovering phones, cash registers and securing the damaged tent.

The tent and fireworks vendors responded to replace the goods and volunteers got the stand ready to reopen by afternoon of June 29.

The vendor is responsible for the wholesale fireworks, so Paws 4 Autism didn’t lose any cash on the product, but it did lose a couple days selling.

“Other people I talked to had decent days,” Wible said. “The only thing we lost was the labor. It’s labor intensive, not only unpacking and stocking, but making sure its all priced right. And the stress.”

Helper dogs the group trains which were lounging at the tent during the incident.

“They stayed on their beds, looking around, like they were thinking ‘What can I do?’” Wible said.

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