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    James McKenna: Marketing strategy delivers results

    In April 2012, the city of Lee’s Summit, on behalf of LS360 and other stakeholders, contracted with North Star Destination Strategies to gain valuable understanding of the perceptions and attitudes of Lee’s Summit’s residents, businesses, neighbors and stakeholders. This critical...


    Kirk Nooks: Learn, work and play together at MCC-Longview

    As we celebrate our Centennial at Metropolitan Community College, I share examples of our progress in Lee’s Summit as we continue the journey of Learning Together, Working Together and Playing Together.


    David McGehee on schools: Tradition of excellence and focus on tomorrow

    A source of pride for many decades, the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District continues to have a bright future. We are currently implementing several innovative initiatives designed to improve student achievement and help us meet our mission of preparing each student for success in life.


    Ray Dlugolecki: Health on the mind

    Every day, we are bombarded with around 3,000 different messages from a variety of media sources. These sources tell us why we need the quadruple bacon burger or what products we need to “fulfill” our lives. In a time when companies spend millions of dollars telling you what to do, ...


    Art Davis: Call Lee’s Summit the community of cooperation

    Lee’s Summit could and should be described as “the community of cooperation.” But one thing is for sure. It is difficult for a growing community to retain its quality of life and small town feel – a state of being that many communities seek but ultimately fail to achieve...


    LS@150: a time to make memories

    When does a community take an opportunity to pause and reflect on the progress that has occurred since its inception? Fifty years ago, city leaders marked the 100-year anniversary with its centennial celebration. This year is the 150th year since Lee’s Summit was founded in 1865 and it’...


    John Beaudoin: What will economic development look like in another 150 years?

    During a recent conversation about Lee’s Summit’s sesquicentennial, I interjected a quick thought about just what our city’s founder, William B. Howard, would say about all the progress that’s transpired over the decades.


    Dave Helling: KC area lacks sway in Capitol

    Last week’s dustup over Missouri’s contributions to the Truman Sports Complex and Bartle Hall reminds us that the Kansas City area’s influence in Jefferson City may be at its lowest point in 25 years.


    Letter to the editor

    Dear editor: Since before the town was incorporated, the area known as Big Cedar was little more than a postal stop on the rail line. Now as Lee’s Summit is celebrating its 150th birthday, we receive notice that we may lose this long-held bedrock of our downtown. Over the years the postal...


    Cuba: A historic opportunity for Missouri agriculture

    Nearly 60 years have passed since the Cuban Missile Crisis, but many in our generation still remember vividly the events that brought our nation to the brink of nuclear war. Back then, restoring normal diplomatic relations with Cuba – let alone exchanging goods and services – was unthinkable...

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